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HALLOWEEN SPECIAL! For this most spooktacular of holidays, They’re joined by Thomas Dekker, renowned actor and filmmaker! Among other things, Thomas talks about working with John Carpenter as a child of the Damned, his years fighting Terminators as John Connor, and the power of queer agency in horror cinema. It’s an episode full of tricks AND treats! Plus, producers Dom & Drew drop by to share their “must watch” films for Halloween! C L I C K  H E R E

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Some more snaps of everyone’s amazing costumes! Such a fun night with you all! #Halloween

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First Halloween patty!!! The babafook!!!!

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>  >     D  A  Y      T  E  N     >  >

 >  >     D  A  Y      N  I  N  E     >  >

>  >     D  A  Y      E  I  G  H  T   >  >

>  >     D  A  Y      S  E  V  E  N     >  >

>  >     D  A  Y      S  I  X     >  >

>  >     D  A  Y      F  I  V  E     >  >