” The list of unfortunate but far-from-surprising cancellations today continues. We have already heard official word today that both “Constantine” and “State of Affairs” are going away, and the same now can be said for “Backstrom.” E! Newsreports that the Rainn Wilson crime series is ending after just one season on the air.

We feel heavily for “Backstrom,” mostly because it is a show that barely even had a chance. It aired most of its season against two big shows in “Scandal” and “The Blacklist,” and it also aired during what has been a pretty rough year for Fox. Sure, they’ve got “Empire” and to a certain extent “Gotham” and “Last Man on Earth,” but most of their other new shows failed and even some returning ones struggled. (We’ve already discussed heavily the major failures of “Sleepy Hollow” season 2.)

Unfortunately for “Backstrom” fans, we feel like the odds are low of it being shopped elsewhere successfully. It’s possible in theory, but there is not much incentive given how low the ratings were for most of the season.

What we do hope moving forward is that Wilson does eventually land on another show where his talents can be utilized to the fullest. He may be best going back into an ensemble, since that is where he shined the brightest on “The Office.” Hopefully, the right role will come for him over time, but we are far too late in pilot season for him to hop aboard a new fall show unless there are some recastings that happen over the course of the upcoming months. ”

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Thomas Dekker, Kristoffer Polaha, and Page Kennedy at the aTVFest SCAD event in Atlanta, GA.

‘Backstrom’s’ Thomas Dekker Talks Character’s ‘Dark’ Past, Rainn Wilson’s Hurt Feelings (Video)

We’re both heinously cruel to each other all day,” the actor said of his relationship with the “Office” alum during TheWrap’s “Drinking with the Stars”

” Thursday’s episode of “Backstrom” will shed light on “a very dark experience” that the eponymous detective’s roommate endured, actor Thomas Dekker told TheWrap during the latest installment of “Drinking with the Stars.”

“Episode five that’s airing this week, this is sort of the turning point where we get a lot more information about Valentine’s past. There’s a very dark experience that he went through that is sort of connected to the murder case that they’re solving,” Dekker said. “From there we really delve into how these two seemingly opposite characters — but very similar characters, I think — came together.”

“I just said screw the breakdown, I’m just gonna do what I want with it,” Dekker said. “I was the only one in the audition that went in the mohawk and the eyeliner and the leather and the whole kind of boy with the dragon tattoo thing … I thought they’ll either love it or hate it, and they actually loved it, and so the character became a complete collaboration between Rainn Wilson, myself and Hart Hanson, our showrunner.”

“Rainn despises the fact that I’ve never watched ‘The Office,’ which wasn’t a conscious choice, I just never did. I’m very, very picky with my TV shows,” Dekker said. “When I told him that, he was ‘pretend devastated,’ but I think he actually was, deep down.”

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Fox Fanfront red carpet fandomonium with Rainn Wilson, Dennis Haysbert, Kristoffer Polaha, Genevieve Angelson, and Thomas Dekker from the new fox series Backstrom on January 8 , 2015

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Watch ONLINE “BACKSTROM” TV series Season ONE Episode(1-13) From FOX CHANNEL Official Website


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When it came to mid-season in January 2015, many were quick to write-off Hart Hanson’s Backstrom as another House knock-off about a piece of crap main character with a God complex. However, upon further examination, it’s clear to see why that fact is simply untrue. Rather, upon deeper analysis, Backstrom reveals itself to be something much more than the average procedural while still also acting as an homage to ’70s cop shows.

Part of House’s dynamic came from the idea of how far the character could corrupt the people around him through cynicism. Many of the show’s struggles grew from watching the supporting cast step over their personal lines of morality again and again and again because they were simply following the genius doctor who was operating unchecked at the hospital. The big question was always, “what’s this character’s breaking point? Where do they finally decide House’s behavior has grown too corrupting?” Ultimately, what one roots for in House is the character’s redemption not for himself, but for the sake of those around him. Backstrom, however, operates on the opposite end of the same scale.

In the Hart Hanson show, you root for the character’s downfall. No matter how hard Everett tries, he simply can’t corrupt the incorruptible. He can’t force his colleagues, who operate at supremely high levels of joy, to change their by the book ways no matter how much he barks or threatens to bite. He may be a genius cop, but unlike Gregory House, Everett Backstrom does not work unchecked, and it’s that dynamic that plays to the series’ advantage in a big way. To argue the show doesn’t deserve a season 2 because it’s a “House knock-off” is to argue a position that couldn’t be further from the truth.

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Gregory (Thomas Dekker) is disappointed when he finds out that Backstrom forgot about his kite.

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