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” It was great to introduce director/actor Thomas Dekker and his production team on the movie Jack Goes Home to Mayor Shayne Gallo this morning at City Hall. “Jack Goes Home” is a psychological thriller and will be shooting in Kingston until warly September. Mayor Gallo and the City of Kingston are so welcoming to filmmakers- and Kingston is fast becoming a go to place for film production “. ” Manifestation! Today was the the first day of shooting for the movie “Jack Goes Home” directed by Thomas Dekker. One of the inspirations for purchasing my building in Uptown ‪#‎KingstonNY‬ was to provide a beautiful and comfortable place for filmmakers to stay and work – I can’t say that it didn’t go through my mind that the apartment on the upper level could also be an excellent film location. I had observed a burgeoning in film activity in the Kingston area in the past few years and saw a need for relaxed accommodations and work spaces for creative teams who often need to be in the area for five or six weeks pre production, shooting and post production. I opened Studio 286 Memorial weekend and enjoyed a steady stream of guests, quietly asking myself “where are the filmmakers?” Enter Line Producer Jon Keeyes (also a highly regarded director and writer) and Producer Jordan Yale Levine- the team from “Jack Goes Home” swooped into town almost unannounced and I was so happy to welcome them, offer “digs” along with a few local tips and recommendations and introduce them to Mayor Shayne Gallo who has been so key to attracting movie activity to Kingston. It’s been exciting for me to reconnect a little with my own film roots. Many moons ago, before opera swept me off my feet, I dreamed of becoming the next Cecil B De Mille and persuaded my dad to buy me a Super 8 movie camera and some editing gear. I poured my life blood to making a couple of 3 minute movies which I entered in a national film competition sponsored by Television New Zealand- the carrot was that the winning movies would be broadcast nationally. There were no winners that year, but my two movies were aired on tv and shared the spot of highly commended with another New Zealand aspiring schoolboy filmmaker, Peter Jackson.”


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Britt Robertson, Nikki Reed Cast in Thomas Dekker Indie ‘Jack Goes Home’

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Tomorrowland‘s Britt Robertson and Twilight‘s Nikki Reed have been set to take the two lead female roles in the indie thriller/drama Jack Goes Home, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

The film was written and will be directed by actor Thomas Dekker (My Sister’s Keeper). The story follows a young man living in Los Angeles named Jack, who must return home to Colorado after his parents get into a car crash that kills his father and leaves his mother in need of care. The trip home uncovers secrets buried in his family’s past that involve his friends and even his own identity.

According to Dekker,

” This is the kind of horror film that cannot be easily relegated to the slasher shelf. It is equal parts a family drama and, most importantly, a musing on grief.”




Thomas Dekker wrote and will direct the psychological thriller

Nikki Reed, Britt Robertson Join Indie ‘Jack Goes Home’

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Nikki Reed and Britt Robertson have both signed on to indie film Jack Goes Home, which will be directed by actor Thomas Dekker

Dekker also wrote the script for the psychological thriller, which centers on a magazine editor named Jack who lives in Los Angeles. After his father is killed in a car crash, Jack travels home to Colorado to help nurse his mother (who was injured in the crash) back to health. There, he uncovers long buried secrets and lies within his family history, his parents, his friends and his very identity.

Reed will play Jack’s best friend and Robertson will play Jack’s fiancee, who is pregnant with their first child. The role of Jack is currently being cast.

“This is the kind of horror film that cannot be easily relegated to the slasher shelf. It is equal parts a family drama and, most importantly, a musing on grief,” says Dekker.

Production is slated to begin in upstate New York in August.

Nikki Reed



article by Rebecca Ford , wwwhollywoodreporter.com

Kate Walsh, Anthony Rapp to Star in ‘Modern Love’


Kate Walsh, Anthony Rapp and Jonathan Bennett will star in gay marriage drama “Modern Love,” with shooting starting in and around Los Angeles on June 8, Variety has learned.

Joshua Tunick will direct from his own script. Producers are Eric Kops, Tunick and Dave Perkal.

The story follows an intimate group of friends and family gathering at the home of two gay men to celebrate their nuptials. When the wedding hits a snag, the group helps the grooms to see that all marriages have their challenges.

The film comes at a time when 36 states have legalized same-sex marriage.

Tunick’s credits include documentaries “Naked Pavement,” “Scars Don’t Sweat” and “Mr. Smithereen Goes to Washington.”

Kops has been working in film marketing and publicity for more than 24 years, heading up publicity departments at MGM/United Artists, Paramount Pictures and Summit Entertainment. He handled the publicity campaigns for the “Twilight” films, “Divergent,” “Mission Impossible 3,” several James Bond films, “Source Code,” “The Perks of Being a Wallflower” and “The Hurt Locker.”

Rapp’s credits include “Rent,” “A Beautiful Mind” and “Daze and Confused.” Bennett starred in “Mean Girls,” and Walsh starred in “Private Practice” and “The Perks of Being a Wallflower.”


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Thomas Dekker went purple to raise Alzheimer’s awareness. Join him & get involved!

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” The list of unfortunate but far-from-surprising cancellations today continues. We have already heard official word today that both “Constantine” and “State of Affairs” are going away, and the same now can be said for “Backstrom.” E! Newsreports that the Rainn Wilson crime series is ending after just one season on the air.

We feel heavily for “Backstrom,” mostly because it is a show that barely even had a chance. It aired most of its season against two big shows in “Scandal” and “The Blacklist,” and it also aired during what has been a pretty rough year for Fox. Sure, they’ve got “Empire” and to a certain extent “Gotham” and “Last Man on Earth,” but most of their other new shows failed and even some returning ones struggled. (We’ve already discussed heavily the major failures of “Sleepy Hollow” season 2.)

Unfortunately for “Backstrom” fans, we feel like the odds are low of it being shopped elsewhere successfully. It’s possible in theory, but there is not much incentive given how low the ratings were for most of the season.

What we do hope moving forward is that Wilson does eventually land on another show where his talents can be utilized to the fullest. He may be best going back into an ensemble, since that is where he shined the brightest on “The Office.” Hopefully, the right role will come for him over time, but we are far too late in pilot season for him to hop aboard a new fall show unless there are some recastings that happen over the course of the upcoming months. ”

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Thomas Dekker, Kristoffer Polaha, and Page Kennedy at the aTVFest SCAD event in Atlanta, GA.

‘Backstrom’s’ Thomas Dekker Talks Character’s ‘Dark’ Past, Rainn Wilson’s Hurt Feelings (Video)

We’re both heinously cruel to each other all day,” the actor said of his relationship with the “Office” alum during TheWrap’s “Drinking with the Stars”

” Thursday’s episode of “Backstrom” will shed light on “a very dark experience” that the eponymous detective’s roommate endured, actor Thomas Dekker told TheWrap during the latest installment of “Drinking with the Stars.”

“Episode five that’s airing this week, this is sort of the turning point where we get a lot more information about Valentine’s past. There’s a very dark experience that he went through that is sort of connected to the murder case that they’re solving,” Dekker said. “From there we really delve into how these two seemingly opposite characters — but very similar characters, I think — came together.”

“I just said screw the breakdown, I’m just gonna do what I want with it,” Dekker said. “I was the only one in the audition that went in the mohawk and the eyeliner and the leather and the whole kind of boy with the dragon tattoo thing … I thought they’ll either love it or hate it, and they actually loved it, and so the character became a complete collaboration between Rainn Wilson, myself and Hart Hanson, our showrunner.”

“Rainn despises the fact that I’ve never watched ‘The Office,’ which wasn’t a conscious choice, I just never did. I’m very, very picky with my TV shows,” Dekker said. “When I told him that, he was ‘pretend devastated,’ but I think he actually was, deep down.”

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Fox Fanfront red carpet fandomonium with Rainn Wilson, Dennis Haysbert, Kristoffer Polaha, Genevieve Angelson, and Thomas Dekker from the new fox series Backstrom on January 8 , 2015